jan 30 — feb 1 2015

The 2-day, 100-person conference
for student hackathon organizers and friends

Organized by Ishaan, Swift, Jon, Nick, Alexey, and Dan from


Speak at HackCon!
Meet everyone. This spring's hackathon season has over 50 hackathons. We're organizing Hackcon so that you and your organizing team can make friends and connect with 100 other organizers, because a close-knit community is unbelievably powerful.
Learn and teach things. Every team has fought battles, and every organizer has stories to tell and experience to share. Hackcon is two days of short talks, discussions, and other sub-events led by attendees. Want to host a talk or discussion? Email team@hackcon.io.
It won't be boring. Hackcon is hanging out with your hackathon team, and every other hackathon team, for two days, in the greatest city on earth. What you do with it is entirely up to you, but we hope you'll create memories that you'll look back on for the rest of your life.
Awesome housing included. Stay with other organizers at one of four beautiful lofts in NYC that we've booked for you. Accommodation is included in the (heavily subsidized) ticket price.

Questions? Email team@hackcon.io. See you in NYC!

Registration opening soon! Email team@hackcon.io for info.